Restaurant Frantzén

Restaurang Frantzén in Stockholm’s Old Town reopened in 2014 after a thorough reconfiguration. Studio Feuer in collaboration with Arkitema Architects is responsible for the new design.
The interior, as well as the food, is inspired by both Swedish simplicity and Japanese refinement and advanced gastronomy.

Restaurang Frantzén is one of Swedens most renowned restaurants. It is currently ranked the 23rd best in the world, and holds two Michelin stars. The intimate dining-room hosts 22 guests in it’s 50 square meters.

With the aim of highlighting the art of cooking, and at the same time creating a functional yet pleasant restaurant, the room has been opened up and both kitchen functions and restroom are moved. From everywhere in the room you can now see the kitchen – the centre stage and focus of the room – to enhance the dining experience and involve the guests in the work of the chefs.
The basic concept has been to combine Japanese refinement and material feel with Swedish country basicness.

The interior is meant to show off the food, not itself. That’s why the material palette is discreet and the nuances are subdued: limestone, whitewashed pine wood, linen and leather. We have used local and traditional materials and treated them with great care for details.
The floor is a rough sisal carpet, walls in kitchen and restroom are tiled with salt glazed tiles, reminiscent of traditional Swedish ceramics. Entrance, wardrobe, restroom and all service functions are encased in pine wood boxes. The only thing that reminds of the earlier interior are the chairs, who were custom made and has been the same since the restaurant opened.

At each table, the lighting creates a room-in-the-room, with the linen tablecloth as the brightest surface, a stage for the tasting menu’s eighteen courses. The new kitchen counter seats eight guests, instead of the earlier four. Chefs are working and guests are served on the same slab of limestone. Using natural materials, ambient lighting and reinforced focus on the kitchen, we have made room for fantastic taste experiences.

A film about the project: “Frantzén Customized”

Restaurang Frantzén


Address: Lilla Nygatan 21, Old Town, Stockholm

Opened: 14th august 2014

Size: 50 sqm. 22 seats, 8 of them at the kitchen counter

Team: Ida Wanler and Saina Barazande, Arkitema Architects, Tove Sjöberg, Studio Feuer, Lina Färje, lighting designer, Tyréns.
Photo: Tobias Dinesen, Kontraframe