Welcome to Studio Feuer!

Studio Feuer is a creative studio run by Tove Sjöberg, Architect SIR/MSA/MFA, educated at KTH-A and Konstfack in Stockholm.

Studio Feuer has three core competences, which together creates a unique mixture. We like to take on projects where two or more of these fields overlap, and where the environment experience is an important part of the enterprise.

Architecture & Interiors

Thorough experience and understanding of the different parts of the building process. From large conceptual projects in early stages, to the tiny crafted interior where every material joint is discussed in detail.

Branding & Creative Direction

Studio Feuer offers branding without bullshit.

We work in a clear and concrete manner, always with an overall view: What do we want to convey, to whom and why? What are the brand’s characteristics and core values?

Restaurants & Food Concepts

We have been working with restaurants and gastronomic concepts since 2004, ranging from street food to the two-starred Michelin restaurant.

The passion for food however, has been going on for even longer, and consists of equal parts curiosity and food-nerdiness. So – we know what´s cooking in the food industry, both in Sweden and abroad.

(Tove also runs a popular instagram account, @jagtankerpamat, where trends and tendencies in the food industry are discussed from a personal point of view.)



Starting point 1: ANALYSIS

Curiosity is one of Studio Feuers driving forces. Discussions, analyses and free associations form the basis of all our projects.

According to our experience, the end result is always stronger when a project is started off by a period of thorough research and analysis, where we and the client together break down the different questions and concepts.

Starting point 2: PASSION

Studio Feuer is waging a battle against mediocre environments and design without reflection.

Studio Feuer loves design, food, music, parties, brave people, collaborations, goosebumps.

Studio Feuer dares to be personal and wishes to affect people – joy, comfort, tease, warm, encourage, flirt…

With love, courage and creativity, unique interiors are created. Studio Feuer is striving for the fantastic.

Starting point 3: COLLABORATION

Studio Feuer is more than happy to do collaborations or work in network form projects. We make each others better!

We have a wide circle of contacts, and will put together the right team and combination of competences for the project.

Collaboration partners of late: Tekla Evelina Severin (interior design) Cecilia Lindgren Studio (graphic design and creative direction) Christian Atmer Produktion (event project management) Johan Rutherhagen (graphic design) Emma Sjöberg-Snell (illustration) BASID (brand development)