PARK LEK Parliament

PARK LEK (Meaning playground or literally “Park Play” in Swedish)- is an art project in several phases by artist Kerstin Bergendal, at first initiated by Marabouparken Art Hall in Sundbyberg 2010. The third and current phase – Park Lek Parliament – is now realized in Hallonbergen C mall, as a part of the local Environmental & Facilities Planning Committee work with developing Hallonbergen and Ör.

The project is based on dialogue, involving different resident groups and letting them make their voices heard in the development of their local society.

Sundbyberg is a municipality just outside of Stockholm, and Hallonbergen is a suburbian part of Sundbyberg, quite segregated and with big unemployment problems in the poorer parts. Hallonbergen Centrum is a small, run-down mall where PARK LEK has taken over an un-let space.

The Room

The purpose of the interior is for it to constitute a robust and flexible frame for a multitude of different activities: Workshops and Park Lek Parliament meetings as well as the everyday life of the mall, where various groups of residents have made the space their daily meeting place.

The colour scheme is intended to catch the eye and create curiosity in a playful, inviting way. The pink base is inspired from the Hallonbergen subway station, which is also predominantly pink.

The space is intended to act like a lantern, and to give Hallonbergen C a much-needed spark of energy, through bright light and colour.

The interior tells clearly that this is no shop, no regular café, but what IS it really? The design raises questions and encourages dialogue.

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