Nobelberget Market

Nobelberget is a small hill in the outskirts of Stockholm, between Sickla and Hammarby Sjöstad. It is now relatively sparsely built, with offices and sport halls for which used to be used by the employees of Akzo Nobel. The original tenants have moved out a long time ago, and soon a new neighbourhood will be built.
During the time up until the redevelopment, the property owners Atrium Ljungberg have let a diverse crowd use the spaces: artists, clubs, a theatre, musicians and small creative businesses. In a short while, Nobelberget has developped into one of Stockholm’s most interesting areas for culture and creativity. (And, yes, Studio Feuer was one of the tenants for a while…) The thought is that some of the activities will live on in some way or other, even if the buildings will be torn down and replaced by new ones.

In the summer of 2017, Nobelberget Market was started, a bustling festival with food, music and activities for the whole family.
Studio Feuer together with Cecilia Lindgren Studio – under the collaboration name Karaktär – developed the design profile.
The work included grahic design and site elements: Logo, posters, flags, signage. The budget was tight but the ambitions were bigger.

We also developed and produced a series of activations for Atrium Ljungberg during Nobelberget Markets.
The reason was the new neighbourhood soon to be built at Nobelberget, and the purpose was both to give information about the plans for the future, and to invite the market visitors to a broad discussion on city development, sustainable cities and what makes us thrive where we live.

Talkaoke: A ”mobile talkshow” developed by the british artist Mikey Weinkove, where passers-by are invited to sit down and join the discussion.
Talkaoke has been active internationally for over 20 years, but Nobelberget was the first version of Talkaoke ever in Sweden.
Suggestion Wall. An interactive wall installation where visitors of all ages were encouraged to draw and write on different themes, e.g., ”This makes me happy in my city”
Installation for the launch and film screening for ”Urban Forest”, Atrium Ljungberg’s experimental platform for participatory city development. A lush, green mini-cinema housed in a freight container.
Exhibition on the future development of Nobelberget.
Development of graphic maps , illustrated by Anna Giertz.

Cecilia Lindgren Studio
Talkaoke / Mikey Weinkove
Christian Atmer Produktion
Anna Giertz, Illustrator
Atrium Ljungberg
Photo: Peter Rutherhagen / Studio Feuer