Odd Molly LA

104 S. Robertson Bvd, West Hollywood

Odd Molly has moved in at Robertson, with her chaotic and bohemian rumble of suitcases and boxes.

In Studio Feuers interpretation of Odd Molly, the superfeminine and luxurious meets the rebellious and has a certain punky twist.

Beautifully patterned awnings are lining the facade – too many awnings, just for sheer delight.

The soul and ambiance of the Odd Molly Boutique is an experience in itself. The Lace Fence in the display windows is tough, yet delicate. Rich and detailed garments are floating down from the ceiling in a rain of brass chains. The fitting rooms are stunning and golden – inside, everyone is the most beautiful woman in the world.

A round room clad with authentic vintage doors is the heart of the boutique.  In an ageless city, Studio Feuer has chosen to work with materials that only grow more beautiful over time.


Team: Tove Sjöberg, Milott Widolf, Hedvig Andersson, Martin Hedenström, Anneke Vanderhoydonck

Illustrations: Emma Sjöberg

Photo: Kenneth Johansson