Weekday Office

Tove Sjöberg/ Studio Feuer and Ida Wanler/ Arkitema have collaborated on public and social parts of fashion company Weekday’s new office in Stockholm, Sweden.
Weekday is a swedish brand with 20 fashion stores around the world, where both own budget design labels as well as other, more exclusive brands are sold. Their customers are progressive and fashion-forward, and have no problems at all mixing budget with exclusive clothing after their own minds.
We have aimed at creating an interior that feels both professional and creative, in line with the Weekday Brand. We also wanted to reflect the office staff; international, pretty young, ambitious and conscious when it comes to fashion and design.
The office is situated in an old factory, with low ceilings and a large building depth; the inner rooms are quite dark.
We started from a rough base – concrete floor, walls painted white in a simple finish. Then we added a mix of materials; from cheap to expensive, from rough to refined: Chipboard, glass, industrial felt, copper. Some furniture (benches and tables) are of our own design, we combined them with characterful chairs from Emu/ Viccarbe/ Mass Productions.
The environmental lighting is the simplest possible: messy cords with porcelain sockets and bare bulbs.
This results in an interior that is deliberately simple and rough, but at the same time personal and warm.



Photos: Jens Larsen / Imarken